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The People vs. The Banksters

Are you with the people or the banksters, that is the question!


I am risking being incarcerated into a mental institution today (21.5.2024) even tough I am perfectly healthy.

" I have checked the records, and there are no hospital records about you" had said the police officer in the presence of two other police officers and added "you look great I have no explanation as there is none given to us." That was on 18.12.2023 at 9 Am, after a police officer called me from Istanbul Kadikoy Rihtim police station for the notification of a conservativeship court case based upon the unlawful dismissal of my claims of criminal conduct about the apartment and the local Kadikoy municipality in Istanbul. Yes, because I filed a criminal complaint about local municipality and the Zionist apartment manager and apartment owners. That was a few months before the election won by the opposition, and the municipality belonged to the opposition . Almost all parties in Turkey are Zionist NATO.

I have no criminal record and zero political interest in Turkey since years as I had decided to leave for good 2.5 years prior and have not read anything in Turkish or about Turkey ever since even though I live in Turkey. The only exception are articles relating to the unlawful conduct in the apartment and later at the municipality.

All my complaints were strictly about building safety and of technical and legal nature but politics got in the way and justice interfered.

If the the court decides so today, on the first appearance at court I will be placed into conservativeship today 21.5.2024, for my struggle against the Zionist building manager in Istanbul, Turkey. Reason? Asking for compliance with law for the safety of the building I live in. Yes only because the violations are made by a Zionist. The others in the apartment building went along for their self interest.

6 Reasons why my US dual citizen sister Zeynep Kurtkaya Kayalioglu and my mom cannot file for conservatorship for purely legal reasons and the case is criminal to begin with because it tries to hide crimes. Yes , they sided with the Zionist for their self interest 21.5.2024

My first article about the case: - My fight against Zionist building manager, Municipality and Justice in Turkey for the safety of the building, the people including my own

- I have done what I could at that moment with my IMDB review of a Ukrainian film which was winning awards in film festivals around EU in 2011, and responded to Nazi propaganda funded by the EU and applauded by Soros liberals, full three years before the 2014 Ukrainian coup!

- Trust is key to language and civilizations. Organized lies destroy civilizations!

The word elite needs to be removed from the political/economic discourse of the West

Against the Palestinian Genocide carried out by Israel with the help of the West/US/NATO/EU,
Against Zionism/Capitalism/Imperialism,
I stand with the Palestinian People! Stop the Genocide of Children!

I support Russia against Western imperialism since the days of the Soviet Union. Russia again at the forefront of humanity, fighting the Nazis, this time in NATO occupied and Western funded Ukraine led by Jewish Nazi Zelensky which is the latest of rulers installed after the 2014 coup by the imperialist looter Neocon/Zionist Banksters' NATO.

I support Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Belarus, North Korea, Yemen, Cuba, Venezuela, BRICS and a growing number of countries fighting against the Zionist Jewish Wall Street/London Bankster (Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Blackrock etc.) run West.

Capitalism is the rule by the banksters for the banksters and their corporate, government and media cohorts.

The alternative is the management of the society by the people for the people.

The people against the banksters. Who do you side with?

Following the constitution will lead you to the above position, because the mafia that runs Western governments only create master-slave relationship through money printing and finance scams, and not the productive people-people interactions that bring about freedom, peace and wealth under the rule of law.

It is The People against The Banksters,
The Producers against The Robbers,
Supporters of peace against those who profit from wars,
It is the fight for freedom against all forms of slavery, financial and physical.
The rule of law against genocidal/criminal wars and coups
The Constitution as opposed to Bankster rule which replaced monarchies.

Wall Street London bankers have called themselves masters of the universe, they claimed to be doing God's work only because they manage the Western economies by money printing ponzi/pyramid scams which lead to inflation and unpayable debt, wars, coups and slavery. Replacing kings and priests of previous centuries, they give the orders from behind the scenes because they own the media, the corporations and the politicians. They care not about the rule of law or the constitution.

If Americans were ever to uphold their own constitution, which actually is a must, then it would be a revolution as everything ZioNazis do is unconstitutional.

If you support the constitution or the rule of law then you are by definition against the banksters.

Mehmet Kurtkaya
X /Twitter @mkurtkaya
Mehmet Kurtkaya - Telegram

Writer, activist, travel portal owner (Localhotels) , mechanical engineer (MSc), with interests in languages, history, arts and sports, film reviews. Learning Russian and looking for a job in Russia. I have decided to leave Turkey in September 2021 and both my Twitter and Telegram accounts have this info pinned. I want to live in Russia or China or any anti-imperialist country I can immigrate to. My resume in Russian.