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By Mehmet Kurtkaya
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For very long, Wall Street/Neocon NATO/West Nazified Ukraine to turn it into a corrupt anti-Russia state with no real economy. Liberals supported this process with lies in Western Media and YouTube/Facebook/Twitter. In 2011, I wrote a review against an EU funded Ukrainian film with Nazi praise in a US film site IMDB. Then, very unusual things happened.

My review for "My Joy" was heavily downvoted on IMDB which is not a social media site with trolls, and a similar review from Moscow (back then IMDB showed cities) got deleted. Who could have done that but Soros liberals in film festival circles? Then sneakily, now openly providing cover for Wall Street/Neocon/NATO fascism.

I had rated about 1000 films, reviewed over 30, and this was the only one I had rated 1/10 because it had so much senseless violence and Nazi praise. I saw the danger and wrote that this film which won many awards in Europe will mark the rise of far right in Europe!

For comparison my positive review for a film that was against Nazism in Germany (White Ribbon) was voted one of the top reviews of the film among hundreds which proved that liberals were against German Nazis but supportive of Ukrainian Nazis! Today Western media and Liberal YouTube, Facebook, Twitter ban (except X at the moment) people who say that Ukraine is a Nazi state while the proof is openly available on a US site, IMDB, since 12 years!

My review of the film "My Joy" is hidden under spoiler alert, probably meaning I spoiled Neocon propaganda as the alert was placed years after my review.

"Leads to Nowhere but Propaganda":

"This film opens with a compelling scene involving a trucker in the countryside. It then follows on with the camera placed in front of the truck picking snapshots of people and their daily struggles along the road. More importantly we see a population subsisting in moral darkness. There is even a scene or two reminiscent of a Haneke wannabe.

Unfortunately the director plunges in this moral darkness he himself has created by revisiting history. When the film comes back to present day it falters and when it does that a second time in the rural home of a teacher it never comes back. The film loses any direction and becomes a collage of arbitrary violence. And most unfortunately this part is way longer then the rest of the movie! The director who apparently aims to lay the blame of current Ukrainian problems into Soviet era does not even stop short of a Nazi praise in the character of a teacher who blatantly hints God loving Nazis could have created a better Ukraine. This is where the film will find its place in history as a showcase of the rise of the extreme right in Europe! This is where free speech cunningly turns into hate speech and the propaganda goes totally out of control.

Mind blowing for sure if that was the intention of the director! This film can be watched as a case study.

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Key takes from my review were:

- The film which was funded by the EU and was winning awards in EU film festivals was doing Nazi propaganda, hence was anti Soviet and anti-Russian.

- The film had an abundance of arbitrary violence without a plot.

- The film should be analyzed as a case study of propaganda.

My review was written 3 years before the Neocon/Zionist US coup in 2014 supported by Nazi Azov funded by an Israeli oligarch, Kholomoisky, and an assortment of Soros liberals and before the Ukrainian random shelling/shooting of civilians in Russian cities in the Donbass region, during 8 years following the coup.

Hence, I had fully predicted what would happen in Ukraine by just writing a film review. Is that even possible you might ask.

I was an activist and politically very savvy, that's for sure and was also quite good in analyzing film but the main reason is in the review: It was a propaganda film funded by the EU which made EU film circles. Just like any propaganda film, the idea was to prepare and lead the masses towards a certain direction.

So basically, with my review, I had reported what I saw.

If this film could get EU funding, be made famous among overwhelmingly liberal European film circles, it means it is just one specimen among many others. It was the only Ukrainian film I had ever watched but it was not hard to imagine it was one of many potential others. These things are done in waves not just once, that's the idea of propaganda. Hence even if I did not know anything about what was going on in Ukraine, it was not hard to guess.

Hence, it was not a coincidence, I have seen it was coming even though all I knew about Ukraine was that they were a Russian-like people speaking a dialect of Russian, were former USSR, and had gone through a Soros coup in 2004 called Orange Revolution. And also I knew that Wall Street/London/Rothschilds' private army NATO was moving East towards Russia and had already provoked a war in Georgia in 2008. I knew nothing about the history of Ukraine, had not seen a Ukrainian film before. It is still the only one I have so far seen.

Unsurprisingly, the director shot another film called Maidan in 2014 and won awards with that one too, I found out many years later.

My comment and rating of the film 1/10 caused some reaction, received the most votes by far among comments in a short period of time, the number of downvotes became way higher than the upvotes for positive comments of the film. This is an anomaly that proves that there was a concerted downvote effort, as you can see on almost any IMDB film review that upvotes for a positive review are way more than downvotes for a negative review as people who like a movie would simply upvote the positive review and not waste time to downvote any negative review. And this was not social media but IMDB where mostly liberals write. Liberals work like hyena packs because they serve their bankster masters as gatekeepers, they are not a popular movement, hence they act in concert in order to compensate for that

As an anti-imperialist global citizen, I had done all I could do for peace, spoke out against fascism/Nazism to PREVENT the conflict in Ukraine and I fully support Russia to save Russians who lived in Ukraine for centuries and built its major cities, as any peaceful citizen should against Western aggression.

Mehmet Kurtkaya
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