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By Mehmet Kurtkaya
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My Struggle against Zionist building manager, Municipality and Judiciary in Istanbul Turkey for the safety of the residents of the building including my own

I am risking being incarcerated into a mental institution if the court decides so, on the first appearance of being placed into conservativeship tomorrow 21.5.2024 for my struggle. Reasin? Asking for compliance with law for the safety of the building I live in. Yes only that because the violations are made by a Zionist. The others went along

A month after the devastating earthquake in Southeastern Turkey in February 2023, I contacted local municipality in Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey regarding structural problems hidden (and created as it turned out) by an old Zionist building manager called Mikael Yardim who had placed a 1980s private car entrance decal for Turkish Military when I had pointed out to his building code violations and asked him to leave. Istanbul is in a major earthquake zone, and the probability for a major earthquake until 2030 is high according to top seismologist. Therefore in Istanbul old buildings need to be checked and reconstructed if necessary. It should have been a routine technical building inspection and followup. Unfortunately it turned out to be a total nightmare and an attack against my most basic human rights.

The apartment is run with Zionist tricks and constant lies. 6 of the 11 apartments in the building were illegally enlarged by their greedy owners creating a good opportunity for blackmail and threats for the Zionist manager, evidenced by the fact that I was the only one in the apartment to demand compliance with law. Many owners were renting out their apartments including the manager Zionist Mikael Yardım and did not care if the old building in a risky area of Istanbul is destroyed in an earthquake. They cared about their money and avoiding the costs of reconstruction of the 50 year old building constructed to much low standarts than today's. Every single time I had pointed out to the irregularities in the building, the manager/apartment owners had doubled down for 3 years, covering up unlawful acts with bigger ones.

I did not know who the manager was as I had moved in with my now 88 years old mom a few years back as I had spent all my own money to fight the system, capitalism/imperialism. Yandex search showed him to be tied two companies which apparently did business in the defence sector in Turkey. No google search results showed up for him.

The Kadikoy Istanbul municipality and the apartment owners are pro main opposition party CHP which is a fake, Zionist opposition to Erdogans party and designed after the US Democratic Party. Erdogan's AKP is also Zionist similar to the US Republican Party. The municipality and the apartment manager and the apartment owners in the building have covered up the report written by honest municipality engineers who listed column damages and required the apartment to present a university report within 1 month proving the structural integrity of the building in order for people to continue residing in it, otherwise legal action would be taken. The report also proved building code violations of the Zionist manager and other apartment owners. These damages affect the structural integrity of the building per official municipality report. The report was sent to me by one department within the municipality months after coverup, thanks to my blogging the violations.

The building is a reflection of Turkey, I had written in the page where I was listing legal violations and the general conduct in the apartment I post all the written evidence of wrongdoing there.

I updated my webpage where I was I blogging about the building with a Palestinian flag and written "I stand with Palestinian people against Zionism/Capitalism/Imperialism, Stop the Genocide of Children" on top of the page in 24 November 2024. This is the least I could do, in addition to tweeting and writing comments under Jackson Hinkle's Telegram and Rumble posts.

And soon after, I filed a legal complaint with the Istanbul Kartal District Attorney's office including the link of my blog page with the Palestinian flag on top, along with 60+ pages of written evidence, District Attorney not only dismissed my complaint unlawfully but also filed for my placement into conservatorship solely based on that unlawful dismissal. A punishment for uncovering the building code violations and the coverup of the official report by the apartment owners and the municipality and the safety risks associated with the building. My sister, Zeynep Kurtkaya Kayalioglu who is an extremely selfish, money worshipping person and a naturalized American citizen had phone contact with the Zionist manager because they are parking their car in the parking lot of the building. She was against me contacting the municipality for building inspection. I, on the other hand, tried to secure the safety of the people including my own and my elderly mom who I take care of since 6 years. Conservativeship lawsuits are filed by relatives but for this one I received my DA criminal complaint documents back as the only basis. I have no way of knowing how this happened but it is a big punishment because I revealed the crimes of the Zionist for money and self interest, as well as the crimes of the municipality. It would be impossible to file for my being placed into conservativeship without the dismissal by the state attorney. Judiciary is loyal to Erdogan's party while the municipality to the main opposition. Both parties are Zionist, in fact almost all parties in Turkey are Zionist and are Zionist NATO supporters.

My most basic human rights of self-preservation, lodging, ownership and self defence before the court of law are violated by these actions. Moreover, the building manager, after 14 months, still did not present the required University Report that was required within 1 month, and we could have been under the rubble if an eartquake had happened during that period. Thats not my personal assessment thats the direct result of the official municipality report. The building management had said they made a repair after receiving the covered up report sent a second time after District Attorney dismissed my claim and filed for my placement into conservativeship. This proved that my complaint had full merit and the coverup was ongoing when I had filed the complaint. Unfortunately, per Zionist doubling down, the building management informed residents they had done a repair without asking for any permission from apartment owners, without presenting technical info or an invoice and with consultation of the municipality that had covered up the report twice before. Trustmebro type mock repair. They have still not provided the University Report needed within a month, that's 3rd cover up in 14 months and an ongoing risk for people in the building including me and my mom.

This is my 3rd major struggle against unlawful rentseeking behaviour by people and companies in Turkey. In March 2010, 6 months before Occupy Wall Street, I had started a movement against the demolition of the oldest movie theater in Istanbul Turkey by Wall Street banksters and their Zionist minion companies in Turkey as well as Erdogan and his party. In all three instances including my latest struggle for my own safety and the people in the building, the guilty have not seen a day in court.

I want to immigrate to Russia or China or receive political asylum if possible.