Trust is key to language and civilizations. Organized lies destroy civilizations

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By Mehmet Kurtkaya
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Language has been key to all civilizations, ancient and modern. And trust is key to the origins of language, any researcher would tell you. Without trust there would be no language, hence no civilizations. Therefore organized lies that affect entire societies destroy civilizations, as we have undeniably seen with the Neocon/Zionist run West.

The connection between language, civilizations and trust is not theoretical, it is human practice since the dawn of civilizations and the development of societies.

If lies prevailed, language would have been of no use to humans and we simply would have no language and we would still be living as small hunter gatherer tribes of maximum 20-30 people which could survive without the use of language. Any bigger collection of people, such as tribes, alliance of tribes, city states, states and empires, would require language for organization, hunting/creation/collection and distribution of food, group coherence, and certainly for division of labour.

If at any point in history, people lied in a systemic manner, all social order would have collapsed, and language would cease to exist, let alone develop.

Those who organized societies around lies are doomed to fail, because they are in continuous destructive mode both within and without. In modern terms, organized lies lead to wars and coups abroad and a risk of revolution at home. Needless to say, deceivers who run societies would love to send people to die in foreign wars, rather than see their rule challenged by a revolution at home.

A simple yet very relevant example for modern finance would be that of a shopper who buys stuff from a store and gives counterfeit money in return. This would go on peacefully until the day the store owner notices that the bills he received were fake, and then violence would ensue. Organized continual deception inevitably leads to violence, unless the deceiver at that time pulls up a gun to the head of the store owner and continues to rob the store, this time at gunpoint. That would be open slavery as opposed to financial slavery, receiving free labor at gunpoint.

Now who does that on both country and global level? The Zionist Wall Street/London banksters who run the West/NATO/US/EU!

They print money at will (akin to counterfeiting in the above example), trillions of dollars to prop up their companies, stock markets, banks, make billionaires even richer, all at the expense of the people who use this money.

Billionaires got richer even during the pandemic when economic activities were significantly reduced. This proves without a doubt that their riches are not due to economic activity but money printing by the FED and bailing out of big companies and the stock market with that freshly printed money.

Who pays for this robbery? The people who buy stuff at ever increasing prices, the people who pay taxes, the people who use that money.

Now, if, like in my example, the people refuse to accept fake money, which you cannot do because you are dependant on the society who use that money, you would be a dissident that the government working for the banksters would repress at varying levels, to keep you as a slave.

Truth, and by extension honest money, is not optional but fundamental part of any stable civilization!

This is not theoretical, this is a fact time again proven throughout history. You may say organized lies existed throughout history, - but that would be marginally true, because the power of organized lies is directly tied to the efficiency of the communication channels which has dramatically improved in recent history - and I will show you forever wars and revolutions that doom them, in particular the last 500 years, which basically is the history of capitalism. Forever wars is interthwined with capitalism and imperialism and is a dynamic process of looting, a combination of deception and violence, which would turn into each other, complement each other and maintain a state of master-slave relationship which assures the staying on top of the masters no matter what, as we have seen in "Too Big Too Fail" term for bank bailouts in 2008. In a free society, no private instution or a combination of private institutions can be too big to fail, in the same manner that there is no such bailouts for small businesses.

This in itself is against the Declaration of Independence for Americans, and also against the Constitutions of the world which state all men are equal. The fact that during the bank bailouts of 2008 continuing to this day they have thrown scraps to the masses would not change this fundamentally unconstitutional unequal action, because big companies and banks are bailed out continuously, as long as it takes, which proves that they are given unconstitutional support no matter what, which no other private person or small-mid size company enjoys.

In short, ever-increasing mentions of a global war are a result of institutionalized deception and fraud in Western finance, media and governments at home and illegal Zionist/Neocon wars abroad.

Truth and rule of law are anathema to this unconstitutional master-slave relationship enforced by banksterism/capitalism and any claim to supremacy and wars, this claim enthrails.

Mehmet Kurtkaya
X /Twitter @mkurtkaya
Mehmet Kurtkaya - Telegram