The word elite needs to be removed from the political/economic discourse of the West

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By Mehmet Kurtkaya
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The word elite needs to be removed from the political/economic discourse of the West

The Empire of Lies should be challenged with the use of correct words at every instance especially when it comes to terms that are frequently used in political/economic discourse, just like the names of the most devastating hurricanes hitting the US are retired.

The word "elite" is around the top of the list.

There is nothing elite about the bankster/billionaire class that runs the West and we have countless evidence to attest to that crucial fact.

The most damning evidence comes from Israeli spy Epstein's island, where billionaires, banksters and their high level collaborators raped children for decades when their US/Western governments looked the other way. Their government, not yours.

Same with another Zionist who was a top Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein whose name was mentioned in almost every Oscar ceremony by most famous actors.

And same with the banksters who called themselves "Masters of the Universe" in the 1980s and 1990s, and the likes of Lloyd Blankfein who was the CEO of Goldman Sachs in the 2000s and 2010s who had said "he was doing God's work". These criminals are responsible for every economic crisis and war because they allocate funds for wars and war propaganda, while committing massive fraud, biggest of which is printing money through their control of the FED.

2008 was the ultimate failure of capitalism I had proclaimed at the time, and many experts in those years had warned not to print further money and run into further debt, but the Zionist rulers never listened, as they never do, and went on to wage further Neocon/Zionist wars in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine with the help of their puppet Obama.

And dissidents, still call them elites when blogging, talking, tweeting. Totally unacceptable because in order to change something you need to get rid of old habits, you need to start with concepts installed in your language by banksters' media (not MSM which is short for main stream media).

These Wall Street banksters would have been pulling three card Monte scams on the streets of NYC if it was not for the tribal connections to Jewish banking mafia.

Your mindset formed in the captivity of extreme propaganda needs to change, starting with the use of correct terms in political discourse. Whether you call them rulers, or Zionist rulers or Jewish banking mafia etc., you need to avoid the word elite because they are elite criminals and I have never seen the use of the word elite in conjunction with the word criminal, and rightly so.

Mehmet Kurtkaya
X /Twitter @mkurtkaya
Mehmet Kurtkaya - Telegram