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By Mehmet Kurtkaya
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The court case for my being placed into conservativeship is totally against the law, if my sister or my mom took part in it, there are 5 reasons they can't do so legally, outside of the fact everything around the case is against the law

My struggle against a Zionist building manager in Turkey

Foreword- While translating this from Turkish into English and adding a few words, I found out once more how abusive my mom and sister are. That's actually the price I pay for my political struggles in Turkey being forced to return to mom's house at 52, (I am 57 now). The level of persecution in Turkey for someone who is independant and against Zionism, capitalism and imperialism is totally incredible. You take heat from all sides.

My struggle against a Zionist Turk Mikael Yardim and apartment owners who had broken many laws with regards to building code, the most important of which are concerning structural stability of the building regarding an expected major earthquake in Istanbul, Turkey. My struggle is also against the Kadikoy Municipality in Istanbul Turkey who covered in its own technical report for the benefit of those who have broken the law as proven by a multitude of written evidence including the official report and Turkish Justice who not only dismissed my criminal complaint but filed a Conservativeship lawsuit based on that unlawful dismissal.

What should have been a purely technical case for the safety of the building and people living in, has been turned into a nightmare for me to the benefit of Mikael Yardim, apartment owners and the municipality who broke the law BECAUSE OF THE INTERFERENCE OF POLITICS AND JUDICIARY ON THEIR BEHALF!

I do not know who filed for conservativeship because I filed a criminal complaint, but my mother Bercis Kurtkaya and my sister Zeynep Kurtkaya Kayalioglu (a dual Turkish American citizen) who are the only two candidates outside of the Turkish State, DEFINITELY CANNOT *LEGALLY* FILE A CONSERVATIVESHIP LAWSUIT. There are 5 reasons, each of which is enough on its own on a purely legal basis. Details below.

I am perfectly healthy with zero thoughts of self harm and never broken any law or harmed anyone and I risk being incarcerated into a mental hospital as a fait-accompli for filing a criminal complaint in Turkey. No joke.

Before getting into the issues that may have been claimed about me, such as writing on politics without thinking about his livelihood and future, social isolation, using part of his mother's pension, issues of refusing to communicate with the people in the apartment, he owes dues (very small), which I have answered many times over the years, and I will answer below, let me state that this case is fully against the law.

Even the prosecutor, who made a decision of dismissal of my criminal complaint with extremely unlawful contradictory statements, wrote that most of my allegations require an administrative investigation and were completely without basis. What?

On March 8, 2023, a month after the devastating earthquake in SouthEastern Turkey in February 2023, I contacted local municipality in Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey regarding structural problems hidden (and created as it turned out) by an old Zionist building manager called Mikael Yardim who had placed a 1980s private car entrance decal for Turkish Military when I had pointed out to his building code violations and asked him to leave. Istanbul is in a major earthquake zone, and the probability for a major earthquake until 2030 is high according to top seismologist. 

My claims were completely confirmed, when the report which was covered up with lies initially by the Municipality of Kadikoy, was sent to me. It was then revealed that the damages in column/truss required the apartment building to bring a university report within 1 month, otherwise legal action will be taken.

CONSERVATIVESHIP CASE IS A LAWSUIT FILED BY RELATIVES My case is an extremely serious violation of the law, which was issued on the basis of the wrongful dismissal of my criminal complaint, which was proved by the 2nd delivery of report to the apartment after the dismissal, proving it was justified in the first place.

For the moment I only know that my criminal complaint was sent back to me as the basis of the conservatorship case.

I do not negotiate a crime with anyone, commercial issues must be discussed within legal framework.

FIRST THE LAW AND HUMAN LIFE, THEN MONEY. That's the principle I've used for 25 years running my own companies. That's why I didn't make much money, I turned down huge opportunities. I didn't tell anyone, but I'll state it because of the custody case. During the most productive period of my youth, I made a significant contribution to my mother's livelihood for 14 years (1993-2007), my sister lived with my mother for 7-8 years of that period. I also paid rent to my father for the apartment he also used for 4 years. The money that I receive from my mother's pension for the last 4.5 years is less than one 10th of what I had given. I never talked about family matters with anyone but now I am forced. There is so much more that I did for my mother and sister. If tgey are somehow involved that would be a huge betrayal for what I sacrificed for them. And yes, I can list them if challenged but until today I have never talked about any of that.

I took my now 88-year-old mother to the neurology doctor in 2008, to psychiatry in 2017, 2018, 2019. Although she should go to the doctor every 3 months, she hasn't been going for years, she doesn't take her antidepressants and she often behaves very aggressively. Despite all this, I have taken great care of her for 6 years.

Upon talking to my sister one day last summer, my mother came and said that the building will be demolished. I didn't answer. A few weeks later she came back and said the offers are bad, we are on the top floor, we will suffer the least damage, she said.

I said, "Mom, the building may be demolished in an earthquake, we are still waiting for the report to be delivered to the apartment" She replied my sister was going to remodel our bathroom. She insisted many times, and she got very angry when I refused. Mom, let's determine the condition of the building. But after uncovering the first cover-up, I didn't think the municipality could cover up the report a second time and leave building vulnerable to destruction.

After the covered-up report was sent to me by the municipality, they had removed me from the announcement only whatsup group, I don't know what they wrote. It'sThe only person who called me when I was kept totally out of the loop was Mikael Yardım's son-in-law Ari. I didn't answer as I refuse personal calls for matters that concern everyone in the apartment. Only when normal legal mechanisms are in place, not during an official report cover-up!

The municipality did not respond to my messages for months. They create all kinds of restrictions and then they ask you why don't you talk to us.

I said allow people to write freely on the apartmentwhatsup group, which was founded 3.5 years ago at my request, let everyone see. No they dont want that! Both managers and 9 out of 11 apartments in the building broke the code, including my sister who has a share in the apartment. The apartment is a shared residence, I am against secret bilateral negotiations against common interest.

My mother Bercis Kurtkaya and my brother Zeynep Kurtkaya DEFINITELY CANNOT LEGALLY FILE A CONSERVATORSHIP CASE BECAUSE:

1. Zeynep Kurtkaya Kayalioglu and Bercis Kurtkaya, despite all my objections, unjustly claimed that my father was not sane for the other apartment given by my father to his partner, and lost in court. If they try to do the same to me for the other apartment left by my father, the judge should definitely consider it and look at the case completed in 2024.

2. Zeynep Kurtkaya Kayalıoğlu is already a party due to her own building code violation and interest because she parks her car for free at building's parking lot. Also, she has made unfair demands from me because Mikael Yardim told her so. When I asked Mikael Yardım to leave building management because he was not keeping books required by law, Mikael Yardım wrote me "I'll call Zeynep, if you don't want, I won't call".

3. In addition, she has repeatedly opposed the investigation of Mikael Yardim's claim that he was hiding a colon fracture in the building for 2.5 years just because she was parking her car for free in he parking lot of the building thereby endangering my and my mother's life. She even said don't contact the municipality! That's risking her mom's and her brother's life for free parking in the building sje was not autorized to park (The risk is based on the official municipality report!). She is also our heir. The Municipality Reports that demands a University Report to allow the building for habitation with required legal action if the said report is not delivered by the apartment to the Municipality within 1 month. It's been 14 months and we are at third consecutive cover-up.

4. My sister has an inexplicable and documented animosity towards me for years proven with whatsup posts, and there are screenshots of his insults towards me.

5. When I was in email correspondence with my mother about my aunt's apartment inheritance in 2008, I did not speak to her until 2021, after my mother accidentally sent her email correspondence to me and I saw her slanders. I started talking to her again in 2021 for support after her husband was diagnosed with advanced cancer.


1. Istanbul 11. Asliye Hukuk court case 2017/122 ended in 2024.

My mother and sister filed a lawsuit in 2017 claiming that my father was not sane because my father who owned two apartments at the time of his death had given one's right of use to the lady he had been living with for many years without our knowledge shortly before his death. I have strongly opposed this false claim that my father was insane many times because I absolutely did not believe in its accuracy. However, our common lawyer Serkan Dinçol said that this is what your mother and sister want. At first I completely opposed the case altogether, when Serkan Dinçol said that you should also participate in the case, I said that I only accept the filing of a lawsuit alleging that the transfer procedure is unlawful which I think had some merit, and I have said this for many years during the litigation process, that you should not use false claim that my father was insane. In the end, the Coroner's report came which proved the sanity of my fathernand also my father's friend the judge testified "He was at least as sane as I was. Let his heirs respect his memory,"and their claims collapsed. Very shameful! It is now known with the court ruling that my mother and sister falsely claimed that my father was not sane in order to get the apartment back. I am writing again, I have told Lawyer Serkan Dinçol for years and many times that I am against this. My sister Zeynep Kurtkaya Kayalioglu confirmed it as well.

If Zeynep Kurtkaya Kayalioglu, who is also a US citizen, has applied for Conservatorship Proceedings, and If the Istanbul 11. Asliye Hukuk Court case 2017/122 was not mentioned this may be deemed as misleading the judge, because they tried to do to my father the same thing as they tried to do to me for the apartment left by my father, and their false claims were proven. It is a precedent, it should definitely be evaluated because the conservativeship case is a case against a person, a personality. The judge must definitely evaluate this as a precedent.

2- MY SISTER HAS A SELF-INTEREST IN CODE VIOLATIONS, SHE PARKS HER CAR AT OUR BUILDING JUST LIKE MIKAEL YARDIM WHEN NEITHER LIVES IN THE BUILDING. She had requested permission from managers who are proven to have violated building codes many times over.

Unfortunately this is used against my request to observe the codes. And I still ask for compliance.

Mikael Yardım for months demanded that I change my own radiator pipes for leaking without even being in the apartment. An obvious lie he kept repeating than called on my sister to ask me to do that ir else he would cut the supply of heating water to my apartment. A psychopath and almost 90.

I warned my sister and his husband about Mikael's lies but they didn't care.

When I have asked him to leave management, he said he may call my sister.


I also asked her for a lawyer name, which she did and that lawyer, even though she said she would either take the case or refer to another lawyer never did. I also sent my sister the final draft of the article I sent to the Municipality after the big earthquake in Turkey. She did not even comment on the damaged column just said, you are complaining about Mikael's parking of his car but we do that too. Let them eat cake moment.

When finally the Municipality report that was covered was delivered to me the building needed a university report because it was in a far worse condition and Mikael had also damaged one other column.

I had done everything I could before contacting the Municipality for the safety of the building we live in our own safety.

She had put her mom's and brother's life at risk per official report to park her car for free.

I had devised many suggestions regarding the apartment to my mom for better future finances in 2017, because I was anticipating a long political struggle against imperialism, and I only had a small amount of money. She insisted she wanted to live in Moda an above average neighborhood. And we could not save and it drained my money. I was not expevting to find employment in Turkey. Look at what they did in my own building where I lived as a youth some 30-40 years ago.

I would not have my share in the apartment sold or rented befire I know it is safe, I won't put anyone's life at risk for money.

There are numerous violations of sorts in the building and they try to force me to accept them as normal since years. It is battle of wills for the Zionist Mikael Yardım and an opportunity to earn money at the expense of others and their lives.

Other than the big psychological pressure the court case for my conservatorship has on me, I live a normal life since the filing of the case 6 months ago.

This is a major attack against my rights arising from International Humanitarian Law and my Constitutional Rights.

If the Municipality had sent the report to the building none of this would happen

If the District Attorney had started an investigation none of this would happen.

If the manager and the apartment owners in the building had obeyed the law, none of this would happen.

And in this chain of events at different levels, there is a huge insistance to double down on breaking the law Zionist style.

There are many cases of my sister's slandering me I won't go into details.

Since I was tired of their lies, and their constant doubling down of their code violations, I stopped talking to them. Then they complain I do not talk to them.

I asked them to start a Whatsup group to discuss problems regarding the apartment 3.5 years ago, within days they switched to admin only group. Total censorship.

Everything I have written is backed with firm written evidence and official documents.

A Short About Me

First, let me tell you that I exercise year around indoors and outdoors, and I have been taking care of my mother, who is now 88 years old, has a psychiatric report and normally needs to get a report every three months but doesn't for 6 years. I wrote 7 books in English, I started learning Russian 2 years ago at the age of 55, I'm still looking for a job in Russia, I've been managing for 26 years Localhotels.com i am looking for investors for my site in Russia.

I started making money at the age of 18, and I founded one of the first ecommerce companies in the world, perhaps the first one, in Istanbul in 1992. Between 1992 and 2019, I had 2 companies for a total of 25 years. The inheritance from my aunt also contributed to my living at a minimum level for many years.

Between 1993 and 2007, I regularly supported my mother as she did not have any income plus met some of her health and household needs. For at least half of this period, my sister also lived with my mother. I also paid rent to my father for the office that he also used from time to time between 1996 and 2000. My faith in the family connection is strong, I did not expect anything back, I had to move in with my mom 6 years ago. For the last 4.5 years, I have been living on my mother's pension inherited from my father, I have a small credit card debt, plus my sister has sent money to my mom's bank account. I haven't told anyone about it because it's private, but I have to say it because there is a conservativeship case whose real reason is the wrongful dismissal of my claim though there may be a mom and sister duo behind it since tgee cases are filed by relatived. What I received from my mom is a tenth of what I gave, can easily do the calculations.

Besides, I have no expenses except for food and internet expenses, most of which belong to my mother. A small number of necessary clothes, etc. I buy with a credit card. Thanks to this, my mother's salary covers a very large part of the expenses.

I have also contributed financially for many years to a person my mother helped in Moda. I contributed to the household subsistence from my own money for a year and a half.

I have been fighting against capitalism and imperialism for 40 years. The world is changing at last! Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Nicaragua, Venezuela and the BRICS countries have passed the WESTERN economy, and more importantly, a Multipolar World order is being established, we are defeating imperialism. I have also made my own contribution to change as an activist for many years, and I have been continuing to write articles and comments on the Internet in recent years. I have no income from these. On the contrary, I spent out of pocket for my own livelihood and web expenses. I decided to leave Turkey 2.5 years ago.

For political reasons, I want to emigrate to one of the anti-imperialist countries, especially Russia or China, or seek asylum in either or any country of the Resistance.