Freedom and Liberty is my Character — Ataturk
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For those who have not heard of it before: in a nutshell, Ataturkism leads to peace, secular social state, equality, freedom and entrepreneurship!

Ataturkist Manifesto: End Capitalism for Freedom and Peace

(Manifesto of a Real Ataturkist) by Mehmet Kurtkaya

I started writing the core of my Ataturkist Manifesto in early 2008.

I had been telling anyone who would listen that capitalism was about to crash terminally since June 2007! Unfortunately, nobody listened as they were all Western educated/brainwashed, Western media-drugged people whose salary depended on their not understanding it. With the political and financial events unfolding before anyone giving an eye, I was sure and certain about the terminal fall of capitalism in March 2008.

In 2016 (and in 2017 too), with negative interest rates and neverending bank bailouts, it is a mathematical certainty!

21st century West
Capitalism is as dead as Adam Smith, famed author of economy novels.

What is capitalism?
Hint: It is not what you think!

What does capitalism terminally failed mean?
You can learn sooner

Western Governments
Who owns them?

Western Politics
Fake Left tells Right: "Don't whip the slaves too hard!"

Western Media FAKE NEWS
Tells its audience: "Don't let the truth deceive you!"

Western Academics
The West will run out of tanks before it runs out of think-tanks!

Western Justice

The Future (Coming soon)
People are stuck with the false propaganda: "If not capitalism, then what else, communism?" as if there are only two econopolitical systems.

There is life after capitalism, a better life!

Ataturkist economics is what nations can study and build upon according to their own culture and resources, AFTER capitalism. A sustainable future for the world is only possible with Ataturk's "Peace at Home, Peace in the World" motto.

Classic News: From the Memory hole!

Capitalism is based on private bank bailouts by the people since the 1700s, but "Liberal/Classical/Capitalist economics theory" never mentions them! From WSJ: Government bailouts:a short list September, 2008

Crony capitalism is capitalism. There is no other kind, never was. See central banks since the founding of Bank of England in 1696 or the Second bank of the United States in the early 1800s. Even pro-banker Wikipedia cannot hide it.

How the FED bought The Economics profession September 2009

Oil price rigging by the banks exposed just months after interest rate rigging (LIBORgate) October 2012

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