Freedom and Liberty is my Character — Ataturk
Great Quotes by Revolutionaries & Writers
For those who have not heard of it before: in a nutshell, Ataturkism leads to peace, secular social state, equality, freedom and entrepreneurship!


First debate of "The Way Forward: Out of Capitalism in 6 Steps" was done on September 25, 2016 with #EndPrivateBankBailouts

Correct diagnosis of any problem is the first and the most important task in solving it. Any solution must address the root cause(s) of a problem. Unfortunately, people are distracted away from the real issues by the Banker/Corporate owned media and the political parties/leaders. The way forward out of this economic depression (terminal failure of capitalism) and the political mess in the West is only possible with a correct diagnosis of the underlying problems as well as applying correct solutions that address these problems.

Equally important for the people with a clear conscience is to take charge and inform people. If you agree with any of my statements below, feel free to save the graphic to your device and use it in your tweets, blog posts, internet site etc.

Mehmet Kurtkaya
Twitter: @mkurtkaya
August 21, 2016