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Western Politics

By Mehmet Kurtkaya

Why should the elected represent you?

They have other interests. Would you risk telling the truth if you were them? Especially, if the alternative was filling your pockets and a great retirement package?

Unfortunately, this is not a hypothetical question. There is a definitive answer with factual proof. Look at how many whistleblowers came forward in banking or government circles while immense fraud was committed leading up to the 2008 terminal crash. How about drug companies, insurance companies etc? How many whistleblowers were there amidst all the corruption, fraud, bribery and countless other crimes?

How many people came forward out of tens of millions of Americans and Euro-peons?


The politicians are first selected by the money powers, brought to public attention by the banker/corporate owned media before people elect them! It is an ugly truth that Westerners never vote for the parties or the candidates that would represent their interests. They do not, except the so called marginals, marginalized by the corporate media.

Most people do not have a real objection to living under banker/corporate rule yet they complain these institutions rob them blind.

True, Western politics have entertainment value with political theaters, fake debates and colorful language and even more colorful balloons but it is extremely costly to society. The real cost is not the huge amounts of money spent on campaigns rather the social damage done by continuing a corrupt, failed econopolitical system. The whole election scene is full of falsehoods, fake quarrels, false dichtomies (choices), blatant lies, big lies and subtle deception.

Elections are a staged fight where bankers and their corporate cronies pick people's pocket while politically entertained Westerners watch the show on TV.

Western elections as an exercise of choosing lesser evil! Anyone dare to asl why are you forced to pick a lesser and still evil?


Mathematical proof is there for anyone to see, there is no such thing as Western democracy. There has never been.

If you look at the wealth inequality graph where both parties of the one party-two sides system alternate in government offices, you will see the continuous impoverishment of the people through decades. And if you superimpose congress approval ratings on top of that graph you will see that more and more people despise the congressmen they elect to the point that Congress approval ratings go down to low teens which mathematically means elected people are not representative of the people.

There is more. It also means people vote for the parties that make them poorer yet they continue voting for them. They vote against their own self interest and also against their countries' well being.

Do the Westerners want to be poorer and less safe?

This is why Western elections should be called shamlections. Why pay for the election costs if people are going to keep paying more money to the bankers and corporate executives via inflation/bailouts as "society management tax"?

American one party-two sides system has been installed in Europe after WW2 with some additional distractions, usually a third party or even a fourth party coopted by the same bankers that run the system. In England it was the Libdems, in Germany, the Greens, in Greece, Syriza. Turkey has 4 parties in parliament all fully remote controlled by the West. Surely these are liberal and/or fake left movements coopted by who else, bankers whose major public face is Soros, the green-liberal-alternative-progressive-democrat.

And then there are smaller protest movements infiltrated by the City of London run European police and spies. A few scandals came to light when it was revealed that in Europe, Canada and the US, the police have infiltrated rights groups, green activists for many years. And some of these British undercover cops/spies have impregnated activists in Europe. Very telling of what bankers' men do to dissidents in the West! Rosemary's baby is real in Europe.

In France there is almost no party independant of the capitalist system or wanting to challenge the system including the communists. National Front is not Gaullist, it does not seem to be more than a misleading reactionary movement.

Overall, a tiny number of parties in the West represent the people and get the smallest number of votes. This means overall Western people are happy or deluded or insouciant. Then there is the talk of nuclear war in the highest levels of governments as mentioned in their media. So the Westerners are very happy but can be anhilated at any moment because of the overseas wars they wage and their crooked financial schemes. They are nuclear-happy, certainly more real and worse than what we saw in Dr. Strangelove!

There is a major reason for this Western popular schizophrenia.

Westerners still refuse to understand one most basic fact: Economics is a subset of politics and never independant of politics. The hard work, the American dream and all that in economics is only secondary since economics is built upon politics.

The same can be said about the so called Western sacred cow, central bank independance. Independant from who? Why, the people of course!

NY FED is the single most important Fed and is run by Goldman Sachs as evidenced by whistleblowers' testimony. The people have no control over the policies of the Fed which actually controls almost all aspects of their daily lives such as the interest rates, healthcare, housing prices and government debts which are paid by the taxpayers.

Think about the last 400 years of Europe since the Renaissance and Enlightment: Why wasn't there a single revolutionary statesman in Europe? Ok,forget revolutionary, why wasn't there a single leader in European history who Euro-peons could call one of their own and who worked for them?

What's with the European democracy?

Not one people's president/prime minister in power in the last 1500 years since Europe came about. So, never. Why is this question never asked in the Euro-peon media or in the universities? Why no revolutionary leader or people's leader in power in European history?

Americans had two, Jefferson and JFK. Unfortunately for the Americans and the world, JFK's presidency was cut short by a coup d'etat executed by the CIA and ordered by Wall Street/Big Oil/MIC hence the rulers of Western society. They told Americans "Nothing to see here, go shopping" and shop American people did, maxing their cards for the next 50 years.

The truth is hidden right in front of you, but then there is no will to see the ugly truth, the American dream is too sweet.


After 1980 Western left has become what was left of the right and both renewed their wows under a banker union. This reinforced union was called neoliberal economics. Whatever the nametag, liberals and the neocons are two heads of the same banker war oligarchy. And under their rule fascism, racism and religious hatred flourish.

Bankers create false divisions within society and incite as much religious, civil, racial divisions as possible in order to rule over society. They use patsies to distract people from the real issues of freedom and justice, such as gay rights, feminism, and even enviromental issues. The real causes behind symptoms are carefully ignored. Political scene in the West looks like Western supermarket shelves, many brands but one global corporation behind them.

The whole scene can be summed up in what Fake Left tells Fake Right: "Honey, Don't whip the slaves too hard."

To really visualize it, think about American congresswoman Nancy Pelosi as the compassionate slave owner, liberal and democratic looking over the shoulders of a rabid John Mc Cain, both Wall Street owned.

And when the slavemaster Right whips the slaves real hard the Fake Left would shout "Ouch that hurts" while staying on the sidelines.

And most Western brainwashed/educated people in Western controlled countries, in Turkey, Egypt, Argentina and others would look up to the West for democracy standarts. These educated people are just like their brainwashed counterparts in the West minus their ever diminishing wealth.

Yet in these countries there are true patriots and true revolutionaries, albeit a handful.

And they are the real example in the fight against capitalism and imperialism. It is in the Western colonized East that people rose up, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey that became examples for the dissidents of the West because the repression of the West is much bigger in the peripheries than in the core countries. Eventually the revolutionaries/reactionaries were unable to bring decisive change since they had no ideological awareness and cohesion to challenge the system.

The fake left of the West is more dangerous than its right as it inhibits real left. Fake left kills real opposition. The true opposition in the West comes from the American libertarians, most of them readers of Zerohedge and a few real conservatives like Paul Craig Roberts.

There are more dissidents among Americans than among Europeans largely thanks to the followers of Thomas Jefferson as well as the fact that dissidents in the US are in the center of the Empire and they may have a better look at the machinations of the Empire than the subdued Euro-peons.


You could not sell today's leftist as a right wing guy some 35 years ago! The whole political scene moved to extreme right gradually over decades as people only cared about their immediate personal interests believing in fictitious promesses and chasing elusive wealth such as retirements, stocks etc. Like the proverbial frog they were slowly cooked into fascism.

Free market democracy is a cool euphemism for bankers' democratic dictatorship also known as fascism. The lies are backed by the invisible hand of the market who is holding a gun behind his back while the visible hand picks people's pockets.

Democratic fascists praise free market economy yet never practice it.

Bailouts, monopolies, oligopolies, market rigging, price fixing, corruption in all major sectors in the West is not the exception but the rule. Central banks run by the private bankers apply all kinds of capital and price controls without naming them as such, which makes them Western! In capitalism central planning is done by the private bankers who control their central banks.

They lie and sometimes they even admit that they lie. Yet noone wants to ask why the central bankers have to lie and what good can come out of the lie.

The bigger lie is political, that people's free will determines the outcome of the elections when in reality most voters are brainwashed to do whatever mass media tells them to do. The cause is not mentioned and the event is looked to appear genuine, like the votes people cast. This is disowning the real cause of a negative event.

The major Western political parties' modus operandi is to lie, lie, lie and when caught, deny.

Democratic dictatorship of the West is superior to the so-called Third World dictatorships as people gleefully comply !


And worst of all, the people in the West vote out of fear against rather than for a party!

They are out of ideas and alternatives because they are captive to a system with false choices and fraudulent promises. They are both driven over the cliff and simultaneously willing to do so for short term personal gains!

The whole political system has been about check writing in an ever expanding imaginary social wealth much bigger than what current technology and resources allow them (Alexis de Tocqueville's 19th century observation comes to mind) where everybody tries to write a check to themselves but the bankers and corporate execs are the ones able to write them big and more importantly able to cash those checks. It is very much like a theater fire exit. The bankers have seniority over the plebs, err, the glorious people of Westistan.

There is no way to print one's way into wealth otherwise people would not need to work at all they would simply print paper and pass it around. This Keynesian thing is another lie. Keynesianism, liberalism, neoliberalism, classic and even Austrian economics are flavors of the same capitalism/bankerism.

When people want change they want change to come from the party which has the biggest chance to win and that would be the runner up of the previous election. And the same for the one before. And instead of real change, they vote 400 years old, archaic capitalism to power.

And if the politicians reject bailouts theatrically as in the case of TARP, the so called markets will be pushed down via HFT's and other means until the people will accept them. In case of Greece interest rates will be pushed higher or capital controls will be implemented to scare people into voting for the desired outcome. Yet when the outcome of voting showed that people no longer are as much afraid then banker owned politicians will do whatever they planned as seen in the case of Syriza after the 60% OXI/NO vote of the referendum in July 2015. So when economic blackmail does not work, bankers will shove their interests down the throats of the voters using the politicians they own.