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Western Media

By Mehmet Kurtkaya Updated June 10, 2016


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The most basic questions that need to be asked in capitalism are those that are never asked.

Western media is in the business of making money for their masters not telling the truth.

Look around you or better yet, imagine yourself starting a media company!

In general, corporate media can only report news and opinions that conform to the bankers' political and economic goals. Otherwise, no soup for you!

There is nothing surprising about this but what is truely surprising is that Westerners never ask this question. Even more interesting is that people are actually paying for newspapers or TV subscriptions which spew corporate propaganda.

Why pay for propaganda? Western Big Media would distribute them for free if you did not pay for corporate news. Then again, if it was free you would probably not find it worth reading, think about any paper that you received for free!

It is not only more profitable but also more feasible for the corporate masters to make you pay for your own brainwashing.

In the West, banks control people's physical needs while their media control people's minds.


How could you ever find what is not reported if you kept watching or reading the same news sources including fake independant websites, corporate journalists' blogs?

In fact the most basic, the most effective lie in Western media is lying by omission. You wouldn't know if a comet hit the earth unless it is reported in the media.

If you watch or follow a corporate media source, the question you need to ask, why that news is there among many others that could have been? This should point you in the right direction.

Bankers' editors pick a few among thousands of events and opinions everyday. Corporate censorship unknown to the reader is deceit, lying by omission. How will you access truth if they are in the business of lying?

A truely independant blogger rarely has supporters among the public, mainly because s/he does not have any means to reach the public and the public is not willing to support the blogger with money. It is extremely costly to reach people as the medium is controlled by mega corporations' money and people's long established habits simply keep them from looking elsewhere.

And even worse, truth would frighten most people.


Luckily, with the internet, Western media was dealt a major blow. That's why Western media's newest unspoken motto is "Don't let the truth deceive you!"

More people go to truely independant sites, truely alternative opinion sites on the internet. And the only defense left to Western Banker media is this one. And they are pretty serious about it because in the age of the internet marginalizing everyone spoiling their narrative is key to their relevance.

They do not only follow this line of attack against independants, bloggers but also against any other media organization which challenges Western narrative like Russia's RT.


You cannot have any opinion to yourself without fully understanding that opinions are formed as a response to the news given in corporate news outlets. If you are fed lies you will spew garbage as your dear opinion.


Western truth is negotiable like the Western Big Crime, err, Moral Hazard.

Consider this hypothetical TV debate: A famed pundit claims the world is flat while a relatively unknown and awkward person presents you the evidence that the world is round.

At the end of the debate, suggestable viewers, because the show is on their favorite channel and presented by their favorite anchor, would think that either "viewpoint" is equally correct. So the roundness of the world would be pushed into half flat half round in their mind.

A while later another debate would be held and this time more suggestable, gullible or simply lazy people would be convinced that the world is mostly flat and partly round.

If this result is satisfactory for those who spread the lie, it would be left at this stage, that of moral relativity. This manufactured ambiguity would force people to refrain from taking a position against the physical events that the lie is created for. People would be paralyzed to take action against those who say the world is flat and who are acting based on this lie.

If corporate media needs to move public opinion further, the next step would be to shift people's knowledge of earth from round to "absolutely flat man, are you kiddin me?"

The debates would go on ad nauseum on TVs, papers, corporate websites, supported by twitter trolls until everyone agrees that anyone challenging the fact that the world is flat is a conspiracy theorist!

This would be the ultimate "reversal" of reality. Of course one should always remember Freud's nephew Edward Bernay's admirer Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels's favorite line that people can be lied to as long as they are shielded from the consequences of the lie.

The whole process of reversing the truth takes a long time in coordination with academics marking the regressive nature of the West since 1848.

Of course, lies will eventually be trumped by reality. Once physical products are manufactured with earth is flat "reality" they would fail. The idea for the liar is to get greatest benefit until reality hits people.

Many Western people will hardly leave their comfortable zone, called "when ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise" until the devastating reality comes hitting them. And worst of all, they may not even be aware what hit them and continue to play into the hands of the liars even after they are exposed to the consequences of reality and not the reality itself.

The lie is now broadly exposed since the 2008 terminal failure of capitalism and people can no longer be kept from the consequences of bank frauds and subsequent bailouts when they go shopping for groceries, just like Bernays inspired Goebbels predicted. Yet there is no real understanding among the Western populace about the cause of the economic hardship and most unfortunately neither of the way forward.


On the one hand there are the Iraqis and on the other the Western troops, the oppressed and the oppressor. Now let us be objective, right? Being objective is good. Then both for and against arguments would be published on Western media(tor) which is also the ultimate truth negotiator. Of course they would not consider this approach with the Nazis for if they did there would be no point in taking sides in WW2.

In September 2003, almost 70% of Americans believed Saddam Hussein had a hand in 9/11. Yes, more than 2 in 3 Americans believed it. And that was the case in the age of the internet where a quick search would reveal the opposite in the so called conspiracy websites!

However, most Americans never wanted to search for truth. Some were lazy but there is a much bigger incentive for not seeking the truth.

Truth is dangerous in the West! It would spoil Westerners' happy lives as well as the lives of those who tell the truth. They chose to believe Saddam had a hand in 9/11.

Up to 2 million people were killed as a result of 9/11 and the WMD lie. The media showed the Western aggression as if it was a film and spread lies in their neocon networks such as the Banker's Broadcasting Corporation also known as the BBC, Guardian of the City of London, NewYork times, WSJ, Fox, MSNBC, CNN and others.

Years later, websites that started out at least on the surface as independant went full corporate like Huffpost and Drudge. Today there are many fake independant websites or coopted ones run by professional trolls.

Mark Twain had observed it more than a century ago. "It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either."

In this environment of no real news and no justice, both were provided by TV comedy shows like in that of banker stooge Jon Stewart. Viewers would laugh it off and the TV justice would be instantly served! No need for pesky courts.

People thought Obama had the most campaign donations from the average folks but the truth was the opposite. It was revealed after the 2008 election that both candidates took most of their money from Wall Street's Goldman Sachs. Who cared about this piece of truth revealed post-elections? Noone who voted for Obama.

And when the truth comes out thanks to couregous whistleblowers like Manning, Snowden and wikileaks' Assange the media will either ignore or trivialize it before attacking the whistleblowers. The heroes of the West would be called traitors.


The people learn about each other and the society they live in through the mediation of these banker/corporate controlled sources and hence they are ignorant of the true condition of the people or the society around them. So when they hear unemployment is down they would blame themselves if they are unemployed even though the true unemployment figures are much higher and the unemployment is a systemic problem rather than personal, at least for most of the people. They do not have a sense of the others unless they go to free and independant websites or less censored microblogging sites like Twitter.

(They would speak under Western influence. Sir, are you under Western influence?)

As Mark Twain astutely observed it is easier to fool people than to convince them they are fooled.


Western big lie is much bigger than what the system insider George Orwell said in "Ignorance is Strength".

The truth is polar opposite of propaganda as in "Aggression is Defense" one may see in naming US Defense department which initiated or took part in over 200 overseas wars and coups since the end of WW2. It was called War Department during WW2.

And then there are subtle yet powerful lies that come from controlling the language, like saying main stream media (MSM) instead of banker media (BM).

Media mirrors politics as an exercise in false choices, in TV debates, in articles. Hence Western shamlections follow.

Yes at times truth would be told in Western media too, but only when it serves bankers' agenda or when these media corporations need to stay relevant faced with an increasingly uneasy Western population or when they can no longer hide and they need to frontrun the people who tell the truth.


True American revolutionary leader Thomas Jefferson's 1807 quote about newspapers is spot on. Even then, he observed how people were misinformed by the newspapers and this was worse then not knowing anything. Jefferson was right 200 years ago, it is easier to inform an ignorant than to change the mind of the misinformed.

The quote of journalism is prostitution in late 1800s of an ex-editor of New York Times and Upton Sinclair's courageous and very important work about American media in early 1900s actually proves how long Western media's Big Lie has been going on. Western generations were born into lies and have died into lies over centuries. Yet people wonder how come Americans are so brainwashed?

CIA ownership of the German media came to light in Germany when Udo Ulfkotte, the editor of a famous German media outlet came forward in 2015. Operation Mockingbird of the 1960s is well known and even listed in western controlled Wikipedia. The ownership of Western media by the Wall Street banker founded CIA is now known but is greeted with a big yawn from Western populace too eager to count on their fraudulent savings and retirement packages.

How are YOU going to bring about real change if you do not exactly know what is wrong?