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How are YOU going to bring about real change if you do not exactly know what is wrong?

Western Governments

By Mehmet Kurtkaya

Who owns the government?

All other questions about the goverment are either distraction or secondary.

The real question is not big or small government, it is not efficient or inefficient government. A government may be small and efficient to transfer wealth from the people to the bankers and their corporate crony class.

So, whose government will it be?

This is the most basic question one should ask about government and it is never asked in the West. At least not by the overwhelming majority of the people and certainly not by the media, academics or members of the political class.

False divisions, constant lies, propaganda, entertainment are all to hide this most basic question of all.

Warren Buffett was candid when he had said in 2005 "Yes there is a class struggle, and we the rich wage it and we win." So you have heard it from the second richest man in the US and one of richest in the world. It is a class struggle allright and banker owned government is the referee whose team you compete against.

Both in Europe and the US the power transfer from the kings and priests to the bankers have been completed after centuries long struggle. Bankers had won.

And then came the next struggle the bankers vs. the people.
This was not only highlighted by the famed German Uncle Karl but also from the bankers side by the British Lord Acton in the 19th century.

In the US this struggle is most visible during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, the sole revolutionary founding father of the American revolution. The fight against the bankers was decidedly lost by the American people at the end of the Civil war in 1865 under the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. American Civil War has marked also another victory, that of capitalism of the North against the plantation feudalism of the South! The struggle in the US can be observed from both the government side and the bankers side for any real student of history.

In Europe the events were equally tragic and ended sooner. French revolution outlawed slavery and brought freedom, equality and brotherhood to the people in 1789. It was not a bourgeois revolution in today's sense.

It was a popular revolution led by educated, enlightened French people living in the city (bourgeois) and bankers were largely on the sidelines. Unfortunately, within 13 years, in 1802 Napoleon brought in banker rule, overturning most of the gains of the French revolution including abolishment of slavery. The people still kept on struggling not only in France but around Europe and their ultimate rebellion, European revolutions of 1848 were defeated by the bankers. The people lost and the last attempt at democracy in the West was lost. There was a heroic two months struggle in Paris commune in 1871 but it was a mere spark in people's history.

1848 marked the end of Europe as a "civilization".

In his very important manifesto written in the 1930s, War is a Racket, American general Smedley Butler courageously and openly described how as the highest ranking general of the American marines, he fought for the Wall Street bankers and not the American people:

"I have spent 33 years ..."

In 21st century banker ownership of government became even more transparent for the public to see during major catastrophes, financial or otherwise. Government regulators in both the BP Deepwater Horizon, US and Fukushima, Japan did not prevent safety failures which were caused by cost cutting efforts by the executives. The reason is simple, the regulators were in bed with the energy companies.

Likewise SEC does not and did not prevent Wall Street banks from manufacturing fraud.

Lobbying money, election campaign donations, direct and indirect bribes in Europe all go to presidents and prime ministers' pockets directly or through speaking arrangements and board appointments. Hence ownership of the government remains in the hands of the bankers.

Many UK generals are hired by defence companies they award contracts to upon retiring. Corruption is top down, banker owned government is rotten to the core. And the West sweeps all the failures and corruption under the rug of money printing, indefinite amounts of it, hence transfering wealth from the people to the banker and corporate class, thus pushing today's failure into tomorrow's catastrophe.