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By Mehmet Kurtkaya

Most have not heard of him. I had not until recently. Some had heard of his "Message to Garcia", it seems. I had not heard of it either. When I had first seen it being mentioned on the comments section of a Zerohedge article, it had caught my eye. I did a search on the internet.

He had started out as a salesman and founded a publishing business later in life. He was a socialist, he reversed course later in life to become an ardent supporter of capitalism. His writings were not popular, neither the magazine he published. Until 1899, when he was fourty three, that is.

His rise to big fame is a great example of how sellouts are picked up from the masses by the bankers and their cronies.

His rant about employees, a routine exercise for any business owner, all of sudden had become a runaway success. It is an extremely short text of two to three pages, cannot be considered a story and in fact was solely written by him to fill out the blank space in the magazine issue he was going to publish. And just because of that rant which featured a couple of lines about an American lieutenant taking a message to a Cuban rebel leader fighting the Spanish Empire during the Spanish-American war which was started after the USS Maine warship was deliberately blown off by the American side, the first in the history of American made international false flag attacks to start imperialist wars and a propaganda campaign considered today as a prime example of yellow journalism by none other than Pulitzer whose name represents the top American journalism award, Elbert Hubbard had become famous.

Following publication of the Message to Garcia he could not keep up with the orders of his magazine. At first he did not understand why the yuuge interest. When he found out that it was about this little text he had written to fill the blank space in the magazine, he let people use the text themselves for publishing. And that rant was translated into over 30 languages and was made into two movies in decades to come. That is why he is still known and his line of send a message to Garcia is still being mentioned on websites, blogs and even popular culture. It was written in 1899.

Spanish-American war was an imperialist war which replaced the Spanish rule over Cuban people with the American rule. Soon after the war, the island was taken over by American businessmen and financiers. They were extracting Cuba's ore, running its sugar and tobacco plantations among others. American big businesses owned Cuba's economy and politics. It was also the backyard of American mobsters. This brought extreme poverty, decadence, prostitution until American's local dictator Batista was overthrown by the Cuban revolution 60 years later. JFK had spoken of the US puppet dictator Batista as being the most brutal dictator of Latin America.

Spanish American war which took place between 1895 and 1898, marked the start of overseas US imperialist invasions. Following the Cuban invasion, Banana Wars established American hegemony in Central America and the Caribbean. These wars are mentioned by the most important American General in history, Smedley Butler in his brief and candid confession book, War is a Racket. Butler had also briefly participated in the Cuban War as a young officer. He explains how he had made Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, China, and Phillipines safe for Wall Street bankers and their Big Corporations including Big Oil. He names names and states he operated on 3 continents as opposed to Al capone who operated on 3 districts.

This most decorated marine general in American history at the time, had switched from capitalist class to the people's side, his writings appeared in socialist magazines. His most courageous act was to save FDR from a Wall Street fascist coup in 1933. The so called Business Plot was denied by the banker mouthpiece New York Times as fantasy yet congressional inquiries had concluded many of Butler's allegations to be true. A socialist magazine even had named the bankers backing the plot.

The reason why Elbert Hubbard's text was copied relentlessly is a no brainer. It involved employees doing their best for their boss, taking immense risks and working without rest upon an order without asking questions on how to do the task or getting any help from others. Perfect example of a laborer for capitalism. And it was the heyday of the Robber Baron Era no less. US had become a capitalist country after the North defeated the South and capitalism's wage slavery took over slavery in the feudal South. Hubbard's text was a veiled or may be not so veiled praise for wage slavery and the ideal worker in capitalism.

He had praised individual responsibility, perseverance and hard work. These traits, by the way, are great traits for any working man if you totally ignore the conditions of the workers in the Robber Barron run American society and the imperialist war from which he picked the example from! His immensely popular text symbolized in the expression "message to Garcia" was making an example of an American officer serving Wall street bankers with extreme dedication, courage and ability in a war started with a false flag incident by banker owned US government for the benefit of big business interests including that of the notorious United Fruit company whose major shareholder Allen Dulles would become the CIA boss arranging the assassination of JFK and was written for the American people to serve their bankers at home exactly the same.

Still, there is even a bigger problem. His message was not only spread by the Robber barrons but also by the employees who wanted to serve their bosses and be rewarded for it: American Dream was born without the explicit wording!

16 years after writing this famed message, when he and his wife were on board a sinking ship, a survivor described him and his wife as being submissive to their faith, not exactly like what he had preached. While that survivor was carrying a baby to a life boat, Elbert and his wife had gone back to their room and locked themselves up and waited for their death rather than fight to the last minute. Aboard the ship there were almost 2000 people and eventually about 40% of them had survived.

Lucitania was no accident, it was no Titanic. The tragedy of the events leading up to its sinking is far far greater. The people he had struck a deal with, the bankers and their governments ın both sides of the Atlantic had actually set Lucitania up for a false flag attack in order to draw US into World War 1 exactly like the Maine was used to get America into war against Spanish Empire 20 years earlier. In fact it is now known that Winston Churchill himself had ordered his admiralty to attract neutral ships near its shore so that it can ignite a conflict between the Germans and the US.

Needless to say the set up was not solely done by the British. Even though the ship was carrying civilian passengers, it also contained ammunition in its cargo. The shipment of arms to Britain with this cruiser was undoubtedly done with American president Wilson's blessings as this was an ongoing matter for a long time.

The Germans had explictly warned would be passengers against boarding Lucitania with ads published in tens of American newspapers including the papers which were running ads for the Lucitania trip. The German warnings were placed right next to Lucitania trip ads. The German embassy also had issued a statement against boarding the ship as it was headed to a war zone.

So it was a very carefully planned false flag by not only the British but also by the American companies, the shipping line as well as the arms manufacturers who were loading arms to the passenger ship with full blessings of the Wilson government. In fact after the incident, the American defense secretary resigned from his job saying that it was like putting women and children in front of an army.

There were so many things that the British did and did not do that led to the eventual torpeoding of the cruiser by a German Uboat that it would take pages to list them all. To date, one hundred years after the tragedy, the British government still keeps many of the Lucitania communications secret. Lucitania was not warned about the existence of the german Uboat in the vicinity, they were not given a military escort in the war zone, the ship which was actually faster than the German Uboat but had slowed down in the war zone, the captain of the ship who survived the incident declined to answer some of the questions citing military secrecy in his testimony, the German UBoat torpedoed only once and secondary explosion sank Lucitania. The ship was carrying gun powder making chemicals and firearm munitions. So there is surplus evidence to prove the conspiracy of the British and the American bankers and their governments in sinking Lucitania as a false flag attack.

American president Wilson did not immediately declare war on the Germans but when he did he cited Lucitania as one of the reasons for declaring war on Germany 3 years later.

The incredible irony is that Elbert Hubbard lost his life due to the actions of the robber barrons and bankers who gave him celebrity status and that he died as a result of conspiracy. The rant that made him famous was due to the Spanish American war which was also started by the people from the same class as a result of the Maine conspiracy. He had supported the British and was against Germany. He was able to get a passport after asking Wilson for a pardon for a postal crime that he had committed. Karma was catching up with Elbert on multiple levels.

He was Mr. American Middle Class who had achieved the American Dream at the end of the Guilded Age. His death is still not officially declared as a conspiracy even though the evidence establishes it as such beyond any doubt. The conpiracy fact is still listed as a conspiracy theory by the government, media and academics.

His death facilitated the entry of the US in WW1 against Germany for Wall Street and City of London banker interests in a false flag conspiracy set up by banker owned American president Wilson and British prime minister Churchill governments.

The life story of Ellen Hubbard, that of a salesman, never attracted scrutiny on the literary or popular circles in the US or in the world, but Death of a Salesman did about 50 years later. Hubbard's life is the perfect example of the journey of the American middle class from start till the end, as well as the European middle class in general, in every twist and turn. A journey that started in 1865 in the US and in 1848 in Europe and ended in 2008. Yet cans are being still kicked down. It is a tragedy for humanity through and through. Tens of millions of people were killed at the order of the capitalist class with a very long list of false flag attacks starting with the Maine for the Spanish American War to Weapons of Mass Destruction conspiracy in the Iraq war and ongoing with increasing frequency. 150 years of sending messages to Garcia's around the world.

Stay home but don't stay hungry! Pick an apple and just eat it.