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Clear and present Danger of Capitalism: Bankers and Robots society, unemployment!

By Mehmet Kurtkaya
May 25,2016

I remember like yesterday when I told my high school friend Mustafa who was a chess player like me, that chess computers could never beat top chess players. That was in the early 1980s.

Less than 20 years later IBM Deep Blue computer beat Kasparov then the world champion. When I had made that statement back in high school, I was closely following physics research and tech news, yet I had never thought chess would be possible to master for a computer considering given the immense number of chess move probabilities.

Years later, I became a mechanical engineer with an MSc degree. I no longer make such statements as I know what capabilities scientific and technological research offers. And I know it can be scary.

Top scientists like Hawkings, tech billionaires like Bill Gates try to bring public attention to the dangers artificial intelligence and tech advances may cause to society and human life. They rarely talk about the danger within the context of capitalism but since anyone can see government sanctioned fraud around the Western world and how easy it was and it is for the West to wage wars based on lies that it is clear that capitalists can easily outdo Hollywood villains. Joker in Batman (especially in the first film), Skynet in Terminator and Matrix are all too real or too close to reality.

Technology advances in every country, including those that are not capitalist like China and Russia but it is the US led capitalist West which has an agenda for world domination and since WW2 was involved in over 200 wars and coups against countries which refused to be their slaves, killing tens of millions of people.

There are immensely useful, life saving advances in technology, both in the West and elsewhere, especially in biotech and genetics research. Major illnesses like cancer, HIV and other chronic diseases are treated thanks to these developments. Advances in organ tranplants, robotic prosthetic limbs and genetic therapies help people around the world.

And of course there is the internet which I see as the greatest advance of all. Knowledge is much more available to the public then before. It has unleashed an advance similar in a way to the invention of writing in Sumer.

Internet is the only viable venue for truth tellers, most important tool in the path to freedom from slavery. It gives people an opportunity to defeat the lies of capitalism and reclaim hidden history. It provides an opportunity to gather online and discuss, to organize in real life whether for a protest or for entrepreneurship or a film project.

Since the early 2000s technological advances took on an exponential path. New discoveries gave way to others and more importantly advances in material sciences, computer technology made existing research more applicable. Thanks to software and supercomputers, genetics and biotech fields saw major jumps forward.

Especially artificial intelligence is closing on human intelligence. In recent years computer beat top Jeapordy winners in Jeapordy. In 2016 a computer program beat Go world champion a game even more difficult for a computer to master. Some artificial intelligence programs do better in IQ tests than average university graduates.

Add genetics and robotics developments and it becomes scary.

I will be adding both happy and scary tech developments here so you decide it yourself especially its use within capitalism!. Ending capitalism and bringing people to power would greatly curb the risk of evil people destroying society and human life.

You decide, whether in the below link recent tech developments are scary or positive!

Major news on Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Genetics/Biotechnology

How are YOU going to bring about real change if you do not exactly know what is wrong?

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