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For those who have not heard of it before: in a nutshell, Ataturkism leads to peace, secular social state, equality, freedom and entrepreneurship!

How are YOU going to bring about real change if you do not exactly know what is wrong?

Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Genetics, Biotech News

By Mehmet Kurtkaya
Last update February 4, 2017

You decide, whether the below recent tech developments are scary or positive! Would you want banker owned governments (capitalism) to use them against you? Or any government who does not work for the people ?

Both public and government oversight is absolutely necessary in technology!


Robots will take over UK skyscaper construction soon! September 29, 2016

Do-evil-but-stealth-evil Google's robot dogs and Skynet robot:

Google's Terrifying Skynet Robot

Google's robotic dog encounters a real dog

A real cockroach turned into a remote controlled robot! Humans next? Nah, There is always the TV

Will robots take people's jobs? Survey Result

They do: Chinese company replaces humans with robots and production skyrockets and mistakes disappear ,
New KFC restaurant run entirely by robots

They are fired: Chinese robot waiters fired after spilling drinks, malfunctioning

After fast food workers, robots are coming after these jobs

Robots are a big threat to low and middle skilled workers

What happens after robots take our jobs

World's second biggest mining company unveils robot trucks

China's Foxconn which manufactures Apple parts, replaces 60000 workers with robots

Adidas returns home from Asia, with robot factory! Sorry, no job for you.

McDonalds CEO: It is cheaper to buy robots than pay minimum wage May 25, 2016

Less competition more monopolies: Automation does not only destroy jobs but profits too

Very strong micro robots move car!

Robots to build bridge in Amsterdam

Better than a Samurai

Robot Cheetah

Robots with feelings

Farm Robots are Here! August 14, 2016

Barista Robots in San Francisco February 4, 2017

Some people are spookier than robots: Some overjoyed after fondling sex robots

Robot dog funerals in Japan

Robots fix street lights

Robot afterlife


3.5 million truckers in the US may lose their jobs because of self-driving trucks

World's second largest hedge fund shifts strategy towards Artificial Inteligence

Automated Software Spreading Disinformation

Artificially Intelligent Lawyer Ross Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm

Robots Learn to cut through clutter

New Robots in Germany feel pain

Russian Scientists work on an artificial brain

Biocomputers are here and they handle complex calculations

Artificial Intelligence writing novels

The easiest work for AI: Artificial intelligence writing political speeches

Outrageous claim by a scientist: Teen will soon lose their virginity to sex robots!

Artificially intelligent judge can predict court decisions with high accuracy October 28, 2016


Synthetic human genome, made in lab

Skin to eye cell transplant


Nano cancer treatment

Matrix style memory prosthesis to supercharge brain Forgetting no more. Is it good or bad?

Termincal cancer in mice treated with nanotech

Storing digital data on DNA


BBC's mind controlled remote or remote controlled mind?

Erasing Memories in mice Not needed. George Carlin's United States of Alzheimer joke comes to mind


Seeing through walls now made possible Airport screening (TSA) offers free public colonoscopy service, so what?

Magical tree with 40 different fruits

NASA discovers life components